Mind the Meaning’s expert opinion helped to solve our client’s trademark dispute.”

Patent attorney Kalev Käosaar,
partner at IP Law Firm Käosaar.

Consulting with the experts from Mind the Meaning helped me attain a favourable verdict for my client.”

Attorney-at-Law Marko Kairjak,
partner at Varul.

We avoided potential trademark disputes with our new project thanks to Mind the Meaning’s expert opinion,”

Entrepreneur Rait Killandi,
owner of Bravo One.

Mind the Meaning’s expert opinion provided our client with airtight evidence to submit to court.”

Attorney-at-Law Robert Sarv,
partner at RS MERCATORIA

Our relationship with our clients is based on trust and confidentiality. 

We treat all our analyses as confidential, and do not publish them without explicit permission from the client. For this reason, we do not currently have portfolio items available to the public. 

For details about the nature of the analyses, see the pages of the associates and see their publications. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us with an inquiry.