Mind the Meaning provides
linguistic analyses of legal texts

Our associates are linguists who can write EXPERt analyses about the current consensus view in the scientific community.

We can assist lawyers and courts of law in cases where the language of laws or contracts is ambiguous or lends itself to disagreements.

Our experts analyse the specific sentences with formal tools from linguistics and identify the possible interpretations of the text. The analysis will include an overview of the relevant literature in the scientific community and a summary section with conclusions.

While the application of formal tools constitutes the core of the analysis, we aim to make each section accessible to lawyers and judges with no formal training to ensure that the analysis will bring clarity to the discussion of the texts.

We can also read draft contracts and laws for possible ambiguities, suggesting replacement language which avoids the potential pitfalls. During the process, we translate the text into a simplified formal language which brings out all possible readings of the text. While this is not the intended use of the method, this process often leads to clearer and simpler language.

Please take a look at a following case study: